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Ohio criminal defense firm Norman Law has one singular goal in each case: to get the best result possible for their clients. Through open communication and hard work, the firm has been able to successfully represent people charged with a variety of different crimes in many different jurisdictions.

About Defending Ohio

The Ohio criminal process can be both lengthy and complicated, up to and throughout a jury trial, or appeal. Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to a criminal jury trial than witness testimony that is presented on the witness stand.

Other factors, such as the criminal defendant’s conduct and body language on-and-off the stand, play a large role in how the defendant is perceived by jury members.

If you have decided to take your case to trial, an Ohio criminal defense lawyer can help you prepare for and make a good impression at trial. An attorney can help you prepare for all aspects of a criminal trial, including the all-important direct and cross-examination questions, and how to answer them.

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Norman Law is aggressive and responsive while zealously advocating for clients. If you are facing criminal charges in Ohio and you have any questions about criminal lawyers or charges, do not hesitate to contact Norman Law.




How an Attorney Can Help

The right Ohio criminal defense lawyer does more than help defendants preserve their freedom.  A lawyer is also a critical source of information, guidance, assistance, and comfort during what can be a long and challenging period in a person’s life.

Appearing in Court

It is important to keep in mind that from the moment jurors (and prospective jurors) set foot in the courtroom, they are studying the criminal defendant’s every move.

When jury members watch the defendant in court, they are not just listening to the contents of the defendant’s testimony while on the witness stand. They are also paying close attention to body language, facial expressions and gestures before, during, and after the defendant’s testimony.

Criminal defendants should keep the following in mind during the trial:

  • Before the trial begins, assume that every person could potentially be a juror in the case. Therefore, it is important to speak carefully and to treat everyone with respect.
  • Do not make gestures or react to testimony by other witnesses while seated or while on the witness stand. For example, do not become visibly upset if an opposing witness says something objectionable or untrue while on the witness stand.
  • Do not laugh or smile before testifying, while testifying, or after testifying. Try and remain as straight-faced as possible.

Norman Law Brings the Experience

Criminal defense attorneys at Norman Law have defended a wide variety of cases ranging from serious felonies such as homicides, armed robbery, and drug-trafficking, to misdemeanor offenses including DUI, domestic violence, and sexual misconduct.

Building a Criminal Defense

After selecting a jury, an Ohio criminal trial normally begins with opening statements by each attorney which outline the evidence presented in the case and the theories and themes of their cases. The Prosecution goes first because the State has the burden of proof.

The State – or the prosecution – then typically calls witnesses and examines (questions) them about the criminal incident, and the defense attorney cross-examines these witnesses. After the prosecution concludes its case-in-chief, the Ohio criminal defense attorney may then call witnesses, including the defendant, to the stand to testify.

The defendant’s trial testimony is important when it comes to raising legal defenses to a criminal charge, such as mistake of fact, an alibi, lack of criminal intent, entrapment, or duress. After a defense witness testifies, the prosecutor may then cross-examine that witness.

A criminal trial concludes with the judge instructing the jury on the law to apply when deciding the case, along with closing arguments by both attorneys. Following the conclusion of the trial, the jury will deliberate and decide the outcome of the case regarding guilty or acquittal.


Importance of an Ohio Criminal Lawyer

Criminal trials can be complex, and it is important to present yourself as favorably as possible to jury members. A good criminal defense attorney will have the experience and legal knowledge to help you carefully prepare for every aspect of trial.

You should feel free to contact the experienced Ohio criminal defense lawyer at any time, via telephone or email, for a free initial consultation.

*Disclaimer: Any result the lawyer or law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.


How Do I Find the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ohio?

This is a very frequently asked question. A lot of people who are facing criminal charges want to know who is the “best lawyer in Ohio” or “best criminal attorney in Ohio.” The problem is that this is not the right question to ask. This is because there is no objective measure for determining the “best criminal defense lawyer.”

First, when looking for “the best lawyer in Ohio” to handle your criminal case, you need to understand that the practice of law varies greatly across different practice areas. Real estate lawyers do not handle the same types of cases as attorneys who primarily focus on defending criminal defense cases. Also, lawyers who handle multiple practice areas also do not devote their full time and attending to criminal defense.

Second, the same thing goes when looking for the “best criminal lawyer in Ohio.” You should look at a lawyer’s education, experience, associations, awards, reputation in the community, and past results. This is why it is important to look for a lawyer who you feel is “the best criminal lawyer for you and your case.” In truth, the biggest part of this determination has to do with finding an attorney with whom you are comfortable and who you feel you can trust. The attorney-client relationship is like any other relationship. It is built on trust. You have to trust that your lawyer has your back and is doing everything possible to achieve the best possible result.

You can also look at the reviews posted by former clients. You will want an attorney who is professional, who has the proper training and experience to defend criminal cases and to represent you effectively.

For these reasons, it is important to consult with an attorney about your case and your concerns. Look for an attorney who understands you, your case, and your goals. Every case is different, and the facts are unique to your situation. It is also important to note that individuals have different goals for their cases based on the type of case and realistic outcome desired. In short, you should look for an attorney who you believe is right for you and your case.

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