Ohio Gun Lawyer

Ohio Gun Lawyer

In Ohio, gun penalties are getting harsher while police officers and prosecutors eagerly enforce all of the gun laws currently in effect. The most common Ohio gun crimes are unlawful carrying of a concealed handgun, weapons under disability, and illegal possession of a firearm in places such as liquor stores, school safety zones, and courthouses. In fact, an entire chapter of the Ohio Revised Code is dedicated to regulating the use of weapons in the state of Ohio.

If you are facing a gun charge or conviction in Ohio, you need an experienced Ohio gun lawyer on your team at all times who will defend you and safeguard your legal rights as your case progresses.

Having an Ohio gun lawyer on your side can make a world of difference in obtaining a favorable result in your case, such as dismissal of your pending charge, a favorable plea deal, or a reduced criminal sentence after conviction.


Federal Gun Laws

Ohio gun charges may be brought in either state or federal court. United States’ federal gun laws may be found in a number of federal statutes in Chapter 18 of the United States Code. Such federal laws regulate the manufacture, possession, trade, transfer, record-keeping, and transport of firearms and related materials, such as ammunition and firearm accessories.

The individual right to keep and bear arms is governed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

How an Ohio Gun Lawyer Can Help

In Ohio, gun charges and convictions are very serious matters with severe potential penalties.

In criminal cases involving gun or weapons charges, it is imperative that you speak with a knowledgeable Ohio gun lawyer, who can help achieve a favorable outcome in your case.




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